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  • eyes together, at top & front
    D1 VI, elongate
    large black & silvery-green ocellus under D
    C very long, pointed
    mouth opens at front, oblique
    pelvics in disc
  • head short, compressed
    snout blunt, overhangs small mouth
    D1 V-VI, blotch at base & back
    end tail base: 2 triangular blotches
    male C : dark + 2 red stripes
  • very elongate
    eye tiny
    D continuous
    long dark chevrons along side
    C long, pointed, fused to D & A
    mouth large, very oblique
  • head flattened
    body: 5 internal red-brown bars
    fins & scale edges blackish
    C: long, pointed, black spot upper base
    mouth long, oblique before horizontal
    pelvics form disc