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  • snout v blunt
    top lip broadly joins snout
    Ds separate; D1 V-VI
    red + many small spots, D&A many small spots along edges
    tail base scales: 1 side, 3-5 underneath
  • body relatively short
    groove between top lip & snout
    Ds separate; D1 V-VII
    upper 1/3 body dark, lower 2/3 pale, fins clear
    tail base scales: 1-2 on side, 3-4 underneath
  • snout pointed
    top lip partly connected to snout
    Ds separate; D1 IV-V
    body: dense dots + ~16 dark bars, some in Vs
    scales: A base 1 row; flank 0-25; tail base 2 side + bottom row
  • snout v blunt
    top lip broadly joins snout
    D1 VI-VII, 2 Ds joined at base
    reddish, densely peppered with small dots
    2-4 scales under tail base
  • upper body: numerous dark bars/saddles, break into spots at rear
    head: dark lines radiate behind eye
    D1 VI-VII, 2 Ds separate
    A base: no row scales