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  • lower side: dark comma blotches
    preopercle rear edge black
    dark spot - center front opercle
    D2 11; A 12
    dark bar under eye
    nape: 10-12 scales before D
  • dark crescent across nape between dark blotch each shoulder
    flank: 3-4 dark V bars + oval blotches
    D2 10; A 11
    male C: top red stripe
  • 5 narrow body bars (not V shaped)
    bar: eye to mid mouth
    pelvics: dark in male, 2 stripes in female
    D2 11; A 12
    male D1: 3rd spine elongate
    jaw long in male, not reaching past eye in female
  • flank: 5 dark blotches
    angle of preoperculum black
    D2 11, A 12
    D1: 3rd spine elongate in male
    C: lower edge dark grey
    nape: no/few scales
  • flank: 5 black blotches
    oblique stripe: mouth to mid preopercle
    lower preopercle edge black
    D2 11; A 12
    male D1- 3rd spine often elongate
    C base - oval dark spot
  • dark bar - between & under eyes, opercle - dark triangle
    flank - row ~5 dark dashes
    preopercular edge not dark
    D2 11; A 12
    male D1: 3rd spine elongate
    male: upper C border - yellow
  • flank: 4 dark rectangular blotches
    D2 11; A 12
    corner mouth to mid-preopercle: oblique bar
    lower opercle dark blotch
    nape: 7 smooth scales
  • side head & body: green, dark-edged spots
    side of nape: dark blotch
    D2 10; A 11
  • body: thin, long orange bars
    cheek: 3-4 dark bars
    side nape: dark blotch
    D2 11; A 12
    side lower jaw: large, laterally projecting tusk
  • head flattened
    body: 5 internal red-brown bars
    fins & scale edges blackish
    C: long, pointed, black spot upper base
    mouth long, oblique before horizontal
    pelvics form disc