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  • head large, deep
    eyes not stalked
    D continuous, origin over A origin
    lower jaw rounded
    both lips: skin flaps
  • eyestalk short
    eye without spots/flaps
    D XII-XIII, usually 2-3 free spines at front
    upper body: 10-13 brown bars, often stripe on flank, inside mouth pigmented
    top lip flaps 13-17
    rear nostril a hole near front tubular nostril
    A 32-35
    no scales on nape
  • eyestalk long & slender
    D XI-XIII, first 3-4 spines free
    mottled with tan, red on head, side 11-14 brown bars, pectoral white, C bars
    rear nostril a pore next to tubular front nostril
  • 4 long bars
    D1 finlet III, low
    A 23-27