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  • female: top head no pink Y
    short eye cirrus
    female: 1st 2 D spines long, mottled white & brown
    male D spines: 1st 2 long, fin edge curves down
    male D red over white edge
  • no eye cirrus
    D: front spines short, I-III close, I slightly < II-III, V-X longer; shorter than rays
    male D: front black (no red or white)
    male: front 1/2 black + white dots
    female: translucent; cheek - white dots
  • female D spines; I-III close; I-II long
    male D: spine I very long, front top edge fin concave, red & white
    male D: red above white
    nasal cirrus > nasal tube
    pelvics not to anus
    A 19-20
  • no eye cirrus
    D: front spines short, central spines longest, all < rays
    female: front pale brown + lines white dots, D front white & brown, spinal column orange & white
    male: black head, front D black + thin white border
  • male: head & D front black+ short white border; front spines short
    short eye cirrus
    female: front 2 D spines long, white + 1-3 stripes