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  • snout blunt
    eye cirrus short, 3 tips
    male D: front sail, IV-VI highest, black + pale oblique bars, front base D blue spot
    female D - oblique bars at front
    female: back - pale saddles, flank - clusters spots
  • snout pointed
    groove -side of nape
    male: dark brown; D XXI-XXII, peak in center spines
    female body: white, dark-edged bars
    eye cirrus barred, up to 3X eye
  • eye cirrus = eye
    D XVIII-XX, male 1st spine v elongate, no flaps
  • eye cirrus: not barred, in male 2X eye
    D XXII; male: spine V longest, spine I - no flaps
    female: D spines IV-VI 2 outer ocelli
    male D: spine I longest, I-III - > high triangle
    both sexes: head orange + black dots; front D dark; male 4 white stripes
    female D: 2nd spine longest
  • snout blunt; eye cirrus short
    D XIX-XXI: male - black front sail, I + flap, V longer
  • head blunt
    pair ridges between rear 1/2 eyes
    eye cirrus 2.5X eye
    D XXII, male: front high, spine IV longest
    male D: front oblique bars, spot base spine I, ocellus - margin III-IV
  • head blunt
    male: eye cirrus 1.5X eye
    male D: front v high, spine I longest; flap at base, membranes I-IV v indented
    female: D - front elevated + oblique bars
    front side roof of mouth: 2 rows teeth
  • head blunt
    eye cirrus 2X eye
    D XXI-XXIII, I & II filamentous (I = 2/3 SL), I no flaps, black & white stripes
    body orange & white spots
  • snout pointed
    D XVII-XX, male - spines IV-VI longest
    male D: black, gold blotch front base
    D 14-16; A 20-21
  • snout pointed
    eye cirri: broad, long ribbons (2X eye)
    D XVII-XX, male - spines ~V longest
    male: D black, gold blotch - front base
    D 13; A 19