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  • long spines - snout to rear nape
    rear eye rim serrated
    eye cirrus weakly branched
    dark brown: white stripe: cheek to pectoral
    body: 2 rows white blotches
  • spines: short, sharp, 2 V shape clusters, 3-5 behind eyes, no papillae
    cirri: eye - heavily branched, nasal - 2-3 tips
    D XX-XXII, I with flap
    male: dark, front - many dots, D front - white + ocellus
    female: yellowish, dark spots - operculum, D base (12-14) & A base (10)
  • head spines: short, blunt, 2 rows snout to eyes, short cross row behind each eye
    blackish, body - rows elongate pale spots
  • forehead: short knobs on low 2 ridges
    papillae: 3-6 between eyes, 1 between nostrils
    eye cirrus heavily branched in 1 plane, asymmetric
    D front: flap, large dark blotch
    row white dashes top back, lower head & D base white spots
  • forehead: short knobs on 2 ridges, no papillae
    spots on throat & behind eyes
    eye cirrus moderately branched, branches without fingers
    D: flap at front, front dark blotch, no pale spots
    upper body - alternating rows dark spots
  • strong head spines, triangle of 7-10 behind eye
    cirri: eye heavily branched, nasal - 6-11 branches
    head & body: blue-white spots
    lower head: dark, white stripe along lower midline
    D XXI-XXII, fleshy flap at front with red spots, no dark blotch at front
  • forehead spines: many, short, blunt, with papilla
    eye cirrus unbranched
    D XXIV, 12-13
    head & front body dark
    row white blotches - operculum to rear body
    male: black head and front body and D
  • head spines: short, pointed; snout to behind eye; 2 clusters 3-5 behind eyes, each with long slender papilla
    cirri: eye heavily branched,nasal 2-3 tips
    dark spot behind eye
    D XXI-XXIII, front flap, front 1/2 brown + elongate black blotch
    center top lip - 1 papilla
  • head spines: sharp, snout to near D, cluster 8-11 after eye
    cirri: eye v branched, nasal 2-3 tips
    D XVIII-XX; front: flap & large white blotch
    front - white above, black below; bases D&A - alternating black & white marks
  • head spines: v short, blunt, none at rear nape
    eye cirrus simple, iris red
    body - 3 rows dark blotches + 2 rows pale/white blotches
    D XXI(XXI-XXII), small black spot at front
    face + dense blue dots, long white stripe on cheek
  • spines short, sharp, snout to almost D
    rear edge eye serrated
    eye cirrus weakly branched
    iris yellow, behind eye - dark blotch, lower head - white spots
    male: black, snout & forehead white, white stripe on cheek