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  • broad straight pale stripe: eye to opercle
    top row spots onto D, + red dots
    pectoral base: 2 red dots
    lips: dark bars
  • pale + irregular dark spots, larger above
    Y shaped pale area behind eye +/- spots
    belly & lower head - no dark spots
    lips not barred
  • top lips - white bars; oblique white bar under eye
    opercle to pectoral base - 2 red bars, pale between
    red-brown, wavy red bars that extend onto D base
  • ~7 bars extending only D base, interspaces narrow
    C base: 2 dark fans + thin white bar behind
  • 3 rows small brown blotches
    pale Y behind eye, lower edge with dark-ringed pale spots
    D front spot
    lips + dark bars
    pectoral base: 2 dark-ringed spots
  • 3 rows indistinct dark blotches
    side head: pale area with dark-ringed orange spots
    lips without bars
    pectoral base: several dark-ringed orange spots
  • no eye cirrus
    body : irregular blotch pattern
    cheek - pale + dark bar
    large dark spot: end base D & A
    bases D & A: red spot outside body blotch
  • no eye cirrus
    black blotches on pale network
    large dark spot - end base D & A