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  • back: 4 triangular saddles + end tail-base bar
    +/- scattered red dots
  • lower body: thin gold stripes
    2nd + 3rd body bars form H
  • head yellowish, body - dark bars over diamond-shaped blotches
    front D: large yellow ringed ocellus
  • opercle - indistinct ocellus
    greenish, 5 long bars, extend to D edge
    D ~XIX
    length 3rd pelvic ray > 1/4 longest ray
    pectoral ~14, base no scales
    LL 48-62
  • back - dark saddles
    back under (but not onto) rear D spines: ocellus
    lower body & tail base: ~10 dark bars
  • front D ocellus
    ocellus on body & last D spines
  • male head - red spots
    grey/brown/yellow, many small dark & light spots
    upper back +/- bars
    inner teeth small
    pectoral 15, base scaled
    length 3rd pelvic ray > 1/4 longest ray
  • D: front elevated, dark
    5 wide dark bars (extend to D edge), front 2 ivert
    D XVIII, front elevated, dark