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  • body slender, depth at D origin 17-23%SL
    D2 origin over front 1/4-1/3 of A
    outer teeth 1 point, 1-6 inner rows 2 points
    pectoral not reaching origin D1
    A: III, 8
    lateral scales 29-34
    D2 & A: scales front base + 1 rear row
  • body deep
    forehead profile convex
    D1 VI-IX, orgin before A origin
  • body robust, depth at D origin 24-28%SL
    D2 origin just behind A origin
    top teeth: outer row 1 point
    pectoral not reaching D1
    A: III, 8
    D2 & A: scales front base only
    lateral scales 37-43
  • flank: faint stripes
    fins pale, C edge dark
    D origin mid-body
    pectoral: not reaching D origin; ii,13-15
    pectoral base: large dark blotch
    A III, 9
    scales: 40-44 lateral, 13-15 from D origin to pelvic origin
  • D2 I, 7
    outer teeth: spaced, 1 point, slightly recuved, top larger
    pectoral not reaching origin D1
    A: III, 8
    scales: 28-34 lateral, 16 around tail base
    D2 & A: entirely scaled