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  • head low, wide, spongy, translucent
    D 17-20
    gill rakers 33-39
    preoperculum: 3 strong spines
    head scales smooth
  • flanks: faintly striped
    A 8; 2nd spine thick, ~1st ray
  • pale + stripes
    D 22-24
    mouth opens at front
    gill rakers 23-25
    preoperculum thin, ~smooth
    A 9; 2nd spine 28-31% head
  • oblong
    head large & spongy, eye large
    C punta roma
    mouth oblique
    chin: 1 thin flexible poreless barbel
    preopercle weakly serrated, membranous
    pectoral dark spot
    A II, weak
  • head low, wide, spongy, translucent
    chin 4 pores
    mouth large, oblique, opens at front
    dark band behind front teeth
    gill rakers long, 43-49, 1st arch dark
    preoperculum 6-9 spines
    scales atop head smooth + 1-2 rows rough on center nape
  • in mouth pale, dark line behind teeth, 1st gill arch dark
    head scales smooth, rough on opercle
    D2 I-III, 19-23
    C rhomboidal
    mouth strongly oblique
    chin 4 pores
    gill rakers 29-36
    A II,8
  • head low, wide, translucent, not spongy
    eye small
    top lip: dark moustache
    chin 6 pores
    mouth opens slightly under snout
    no dark band behind teeth
    gill rakers 27-34, 1st arch pale
    preopercle 4-6 spines
  • relatively slender
    pale body & fins
    preopercle 12 spines
    D 22-24
    gill rakers 6-7 + 11-13
    A 6-7, 2nd spine thick, long
    LL 50-51
  • head low, wide, spongy, translucent
    inside gill chamber dark
    D 21-23
    centerline nape: 0-few rough scales, not in rows
    gill rakers 52-59
    chin 6 pores
    preopercle 2 strong spines
  • head low, wide, spongy, translucent
    D 21-23
    gill rakers 40-50
    chin 6 pores
    preopercle 2 strong spines
    inside operculum & mouth black
    scales smooth on head except centerline nape: 1-several rows rough scales