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  • 3 oblique bars + stripes
    D, A & C spotted
    D 45-47
    juv: last bar - D to C, snout -oval spot, pectoral - black stripe
    pectoral 17-18
  • 3 oblique bars, no stripes
    D 47-55
    fins pale, no spots
    juv: last bar D to C; line on snout; pectoral clear
    pectoral 15-16
  • white + 3-5 broad stripes + narrow stripes in between
    spiny D relatively high
    juv: bar between eyes; 2 spots on snout, pectoral black
  • broad bar: across eyes
    broad bar: D1 to pelvics + mid-flank thin stripe
    spiny D relatively high
    juv: like adult + bar on snout
  • dark body & fins; body many fine dark stripes
    spiny D relatively low
    juv: black oval on snout; pectorals colorless