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  • dark + stripes
    D 25-29
    mouth slightly under snout
    gill rakers 18-22
    preoperculum finely serrated
    A 7-8, 2nd spine 33-40% head
  • uniform silvery
    A 9; 2nd spine thin, < 1st ray
  • pale + stripes
    D 22-24
    mouth opens at front
    gill rakers 23-25
    preoperculum thin, ~smooth
    A 9; 2nd spine 28-31% head
  • head low, wide, translucent, not spongy
    eye small
    top lip: dark moustache
    chin 6 pores
    mouth opens slightly under snout
    no dark band behind teeth
    gill rakers 27-34, 1st arch pale
    preopercle 4-6 spines