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  • snout short, v steep
    end spiny D: large black blotch
    no enlarged canines
    pectoral long
  • long snout, forehead profile not steep
    blue line under eye
    corner mouth orange
    front top jaws: 1-2 pairs large, straight canines
    pectoral long
  • forehead profile steep
    blue curved line under large eye
    blue spot: pectoral base & corner opercle
    front top jaws: 1-2 pairs larged canines, 3rd-4th tooth curved out
    pectoral long
  • head profile convex, not steep
    top jaw slightly projecting
    dark bar: eye to mouth
    pectoral base - small black spot
    no enlarged canines
    pectoral not v long
  • head profile not v steep
    blue rectangle behind eye
    cheek yellow & blue lines
    D spines shorter
    pectoral base: blue stripe + orange spot
    pectoral long
  • head deep, round profile
    pink body & fins
    front teeth = canines
    rear nostril oblong
    A 8