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  • body speckled
    D XIII, 11-13
    A 2nd spine long, thick
    D: no scales on membranes
    16 rows scales under LL
  • elongate
    8 dark bars
    D XI
    preopercle angle: 2 large spines
  • deep oval
    depression before eye
    D XIII (5th longest), 12
    soft D & A: no scales
    silvery, fins yellow
    chin - no central groove
  • scales - dark centers -> lines below LL, shoulder - dark blotch
    D XII, 13-15
    A spines short, weak
    D scales: 1 row on membranes
    10 rows scales under LL
  • head & body brown spots
    D 14-16
    A 10-11
    9-12 scale rows above LL