Shorefishes of the Greater Caribbean online information system

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  • head orange spots, body - short oblique orange lines
    D 12-13
    A 12-13
    10 scale rows above LL
  • pale grey, fins dark
    iris white
    D XII, 16-17
    gill rakers 21-23
    scales below LL oblique to body axis
  • head: yellow & blue stripes on head; body- blue & yellow spots; fins pale
    juv: middle & lower stripes converge, C base - 1 round spot
    juv: lower body yellow lines
    D XII, 15-17
    scales above LL larger than those below
    scale rows below LL oblique
  • head & body brown spots
    D 14-16
    A 10-11
    9-12 scale rows above LL