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  • elongate
    5 yellow/bronze stripes, fins clear
    juv: middle stripe short; C base - indistinct oval spot
    D XIII, 13-14 (12-15)
    A 8 (7-9)
    scale rows below LL oblique
  • elongate
    5-6 yellow stripes, fins yellow
    juv: middle stripe front 1/2 body, C base - thin upcurved spot
    D XII, 13 (12-14)
    scale rows below LL horizontal
  • 2 yellow stripes, fins pale, C base - black blotch
    juv: middle stripe short, C base - double spot
    D XIII-XIV, 15 (14-16)
    A 9
    scales below LL parallel to body axis
  • elongate
    narrow stripes along scale rows (oblique above, horizontal below); C base - dark spot
    juv: middle & top stripes join under D, C base - double spot
    scale rows below LL horizontal