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  • convex between eyes
    D X, 10, no notch
    D & A: no scales, last ray < previous ray
    body & fins dark grey
    top jaw: no scales
  • dark electric blue
    C: top & bottom margins black
  • grey-brown, back with 8-9 pale bars
    juv: stronger body bars
    D usually 14
    fins dark
    roof mouth tooth patch: triangular/crescent
    top & bottom canines v strong
    A 7-8, end rounded
    LL 45-47
  • slender
    grey +/- oblique head stripe
    juv: strong bars, D edge blackish
    D usually 14
    roof mouth tooth patch: anchor shaped
    large upper canines
    pectoral short
    A 8 end rounded
    LL 43-47
  • grey + white triangle under eye
    juv: oblique head stripe
    D usually 14
    juv: oblique stripe snout to nape; body no dark bars; 8-11 scales in oblique rows above LL
    roof mouth tooth patch: anchor shaped
    upper canines much larger
    pectoral long
    A 8, end rounded
    LL 46-49