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  • oblong
    operculum - black spot
    pectoral: black blotch
    chest & pectoral base scaleless
    LL scutes 23-25
  • body plain, yellowish; fins yellow
    18-21 lower gill rakers
  • elongate
    operculum - black spot
    C tips black
    LL scutes 46-56
  • eye large
    D lobe black
    rear LL scutes black
    C yellow
    LL scutes 32-39
  • deep, compressed
    head profile steep, angular
    dark grey; fins & LL scutes black
    lobes D & A: long
  • blue stripe: along top back to lower C lobe, with
    31-38 lower gill rakers
  • body deep
    yellow + 7-11 dark bars
    lips thick, fleshy
    adults - no teeth
  • elongate oval
    rear flank - yellow stripe, fins yellow
    operculum - black spot
    D & A: no finlets behind
    lips fleshy, with papillae, top lip projects
    LL: straight part with scutes