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  • body: 5-6 dark bars
    oblong black spot - center spiny D
    D dark blotch spines VII-X
    top jaw ends in long, thin, flexible plate
    nostril cirrus simple, flattened
    inside throat dark + 2 oblong pale areas
    stripes on lining top jaw - male 2, female 1
  • nostril cirrus broad, branched
    body: 5-6 dark bars + stripe
    D spines stiff, straight, with tabs, front ocellus
    D strongest blotch at spines VI-X
    nostril cirrus broady rounded to flat & branched
    in throat all dark
    C: base - double white blotch, bordered by brown
  • head - brown spots
    D spotted + black blotch spines IV-V
    top jaw lining - black stripe
    C: top & bottom borders yellow
    rear top jaw rigid, points up
  • body & fins dark, + rows white spots
    nostril cirrus simple
    D ocellus spines II-VII
    top jaw lining - black stripe (male)
    top jaw ends in long thin, flexible plate
    inside throat all dark
  • body: scattered dark spots, no bars
    D spines III-VII ocellus, rest dark + white spots
    inside throat all dark
    male: inside top jaw - 1 black stripe
    C black & white bars
    top jaw ends in long, thin, flexible plate
  • body mottled, + dark flecks
    snout: dark bar between eyes
    lips: white bars
    D: +/- dark blotch between spines II-V
    D, A & C: dark + rows pale spots or vice versa
    nostril cirrus simple, slender