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  • yellow-brown; blue: eye, lips, cheek stripe
    body: 3 thin blue stripes
    fins yellow + blue stripes
    top jaw: slightly expanded & ovate at rear
  • yellow head, rear bluey-white
    dark bar through eye
  • blue grey; front D (male) black spot
    head behind eye: 2 yellow bars
    flank: yellow stripe
    D XI
    C: short, male - black, female - yellow
    top jaw: expanded & square at rear
    front roof mouth: teeth
    gill rakers 34-62
    A 13-14
  • yellow + 2 lavender stripes
    D, C & A: blue & yellow
    opercle: black triangle in white Y
    front nostril: short tube, no cirrus
    D spines straight, strong
    cheeks all scaled