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  • white bar - center belly
    2 broad dark bars under D
    pelvics & A black.
    D X (membranes indented), 10-11
    tail base abruptly white
    roof mouth with teeth
  • D deep notch; spines 1-IV: oblique dark blotch, bo
    top jaw covered
    + teeth
    operculum - central spine curves up
    A 7
  • stripes + white blotches
    tail base: dark + white spots
    top jaw exposed
    D X, 11-13, ~no notch
    no teeth
    operculum - central spine straight
  • red-brown, belly - large bright white blotch
    head - wiggly blue stripes
    C top & bottom margins: row brown spots
  • head & body: brown + small, dense dark spots
    rear belly: prominent white bar
    C base: 2 indistinct oceli
  • brown, rear 1/2 - 4 dark bars
    scale edges v dark, form lines
    front soft D black blotch