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  • uniform dark brown
    pores on lower jaw & preopercle: few, large, single
    D II-III, 23-25
  • forehead convex
    D VII
    red & brown checkerboard
    operculum black blotch
    upper edge operculum - mostly bound to body
    spines - preopercle 1, operculum 0
    A III
  • dark above, pale below, + dense small dark spots
    D II, 24-27
  • pale; front - few large round dark spots
    D II, 24-27
  • yellowish body and fins
    many dark spots: head, chest, body, fins
    behind upper eye: 1 spot
  • dark stripe through eye; back & side- scattered small pale spots
    D II, 22-27
    pores on lower jaw & preopercle: single, distinct
  • dark + many pale blotches & spots
    lower jaw v projecting, + knob
    D III, 23-26
    pores on lower jaw & preopercle: small, numerous, in patches
  • brown body & fins
    on and just behind top of eye: 2 spots
    row spots behind center eye
    D III-IV, 22
    adult: few spots, mainly front of body
    no/few spots: belly & fins