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  • head salmon + yellow stripe; body yellow above, salmon below
    yellow stripe: snout to operculum
    juv: C yellow + red blotch, border white
  • C tips black
    D 13
    gill rakers 20-21
    pectoral 15
    LL 43
  • red; C yellow, tips black
    head: 2 yellow lines
    D 14-15
    gill rakers 22
    pectoral ii, 13 (12-14)
    LL 43
  • purple + yellow stripes
    D2 (not A) black & blue ocellus
    C: 2 separate black blotches
  • yellow-brown to red-brown
    snout to C: dark red- brown stripe edged with yellow
  • red
    yellow stripe: eye & snout
    D2 (sometimes A): black spot
    C rear edge: black & white bar
  • body: yellow over white + yellow spots
    yellow stripe: snout to operculum
    juv: pink + yellow spots; C yellow
  • yellow-brown + 5 red stripes
    D2 & A: black blotch
    C: 2 joined black blotches
  • body yellow over white
    top lip orange
    flank - white chevrons
    C: yellow + lower tip black