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  • D1 central spot
    pectoral: rounded, passes A base, blue spots/dark ocelli, lower edge brown
  • small nasal spines
    D1 black spot between spines 4 & 5
    pectoral: v long, concave rear edge, black bars
  • flank 2 long dark stripes
    D1 dark spot
    gill rakers 17-24
    pectoral: rounded, reaches end A base, dark + dense, narrow, vertical wavy lines
  • cirri: nostrils & over eye
    reddish, snout and tail base bright pink
    pectoral rounded, past A base, top 2l rays = long filaments
  • cirri: nostrils & over eye
    D1 2 spotted stripes
    pectoral rounded, passes A base, brown + dark spots
  • no nasal spines
    D1 no dark spot
    pectoral: to end A base, oblique rear edge, dark spots/bars, lower edge blue