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  • snout medium, white/unpigmented
    tail rings 24-31
  • white streaks behind eye
    upper body - 3 black spots
    each body ring -3 white bars/spots
    rings: trunk 14-16, tail 35-39
    pectoral 6-9
  • brown stripe through eye
    brown, often barred
    rings: trunk 17-18, tail 31-35
    pectoral 10-12
  • head 9.2% SL
    snout short, depth 59% length
    snout - dark stripe
    dark blotch behind eye
    D 21-27
    blotched & mottled
    sometimes white rings
    no A
  • head 11% SL
    snout medium, depth 30% length
    snout whitish above, red below
    D 22-27
    body - white spots, in vertical rows; tail - white bars
    no A
  • body & tail short, thick
    snout v short, upturned
    crest on head
    brown + broken black lines
    tail rings 26-27
  • snout medium, ridges top and side
    body stout
    plain brown
    D 19-21
    A 2-4
    tail rings 31-35
  • snout: short, top and side ridges well developed, top ridge - no spines
    side head: ridges well developed
    black & white rings OR yellow+white+ brown bars
    D 17-32
    A 2-4
    body ridges prominent, toothed, notched between rings
    lower body & tail ridges NOT joined
  • snout short, central ridge spiny
    head & body ~ smooth, ~ no ridges, rings indistinct & not notched
    lower body & tail ridges not joined
  • snout short
    D 28-44
    side body ridge joints top tail ridge
    C 10
    pectoral 13-16
    lower body & tail ridges joined
    no A
    brood pouch under tail
    female: long, spiny anal papilla