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  • front nostril with tentacle
    small barbel on lip between nostrils
    uniform color, fin edges black
    2 rows teeth on jaws & center roof of mouth
  • uniform dark
    D origin well behind pectoral
    tail < 65% TL
    teeth: small, 2+ rows on jaws, center roof of mouth -1 row at rear
  • Uniform color
    D origin over rear 1/3 pectoral
    tail 62-65% TL
    center roof of mouth - teeth 2-3 rows
  • pores of head & LL in dark spots
    tail 69-71% TL
  • slender; tail 58-62% TL
    body: 1 row dark blotches =/> eye
    D origin well behind pectorals
    teeth small, conical
  • slender, tail 55% TL
    LL pores in dark spots; D edge & upper pectoral: black
    D origin immediately behind pectorals
    teeth small, conical
  • head pores dark; LL row pale spots
    D origin ~at pectoral tip
    tail 51-56% TL
    center roof mouth - 1 row teeth