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  • dark above, grades to pale below
    LL pores no pale spots
    pectoral width 36-86% gill opening length
  • strongly bicolored: dark over light
    LL pores not in pale spots
    pectoral = minute, triangular flap with filament, base 17-33% gill opening
  • dark above, abruptly pale below
    LL pores: dark at front, in pale spots at rear
    pectoral base 36-37% gill opening
  • dark above fading to pale below
    pale spots above LL pores
    pectoral fin width 17-35% gill opening
  • snout very pointed
    front nostril = hole
    D (only fin) high, origin on head
    brown + pale blotches, D white
    tail < 1/2 TL
    tip = hard, finless
    gill openings underneath
  • very elongate; tail < 1/3 TL
    tiny eye
    D very short: head & front body
    groove under snout
    front nostril tubular