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  • snout short, thick
    D1 angular, origin over inner edge pectoral
    D spines short, D2 spine slightly larger
    grey + white dots
    around mouth dark
    pectoral free rear tip pointed, reaches just past D1 spine
  • snout short, thick, flattened
    D1 v long, low; D2 short, high
    denticles = large, stalked leaves
    pectoral free rear tips v short
    C rear edge ~straight
  • snout long, thick
    D1 spine origin over pectoral free rear tip
    space between Ds long
    pectoral v long free rear tip
    skin smooth
  • uniform black
    2Ds with strong spines, D2 & its spine larger
    tail base short
    top & bottom teeth similar, 3 points
    mouth arched, moderately long
    no A
    belly long
    pectoral does not reach D1
    dense denticles
  • head & snout broad, flat
    nasal flap broad, + short barbel
    Ds similar size, large spines
    D1 origin well behind pectoral
    Ds: tips & rear edges white
    pectorals broad, straight, blunt
    side denticles v wide
  • slender body, narrow head
    snout long, pointed
    D1 > D2; D1 spine < D2 spine
    D1 low, behind pectoral
    sides - white spots
    pectorals - concave rear, round rear tip
    C - no notch below top tip, deep notch between lobes
  • slender
    head and snout broad
    D1 spine short, origin over pectoral base
    D2 small
    D tips and notch of C dusky
    edges of pectoral, pelvic and C white
    pectoral rear edge weakly concave, free tip blunt point
    flank denticles - 3 points
  • slender
    D1 spine before pectoral free tip
    D spines long, slender
    Ds tips black; pectoral & anal edges white
    flank denticles - 1 point
    pectoral rear edge very concave, free tip sharply pointed