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  • nape - black collar, fin edges white
    head narrow, conical
    Ds at rear, close, D2 close to C
    C large, lobes ~symmetrical
    lower teeth - 25-31 smooth triangles
    lips suctorial
    pelvics > Ds
  • cylindrical body
    Ds widely separated, D1 < D2
    D1 nearer pectoral than pelvic
    lips fringed, white
    lower teeth: 17-20 serrated triangles
  • uniform color
    snout very short, bulbous
    eyes far forwards
    Ds at rear, very close, D2 very close to C
    C small, lower lobe << top lobe
    lower teeth: 17-19 smooth triangles
    pelvics < Ds
  • large, blunt head; short conical snout
    body tapering
    D1 just before pelvics
    D1 ~D2
    C asymmetric
    lips thick, fringed
    large gland opens above pectoral base