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  • large eye; body deep, deepest mid D1
    juvenile: white bars
    D2 & A yellow, finlets yellow + black edge
    gill rakers 23-31
    pectorals: subadult- passes D2, tip points down; adult- reaches D2
    C grey, no white border
  • body deepest ~ origin D2
    C: rear edge white
    gill rakers 25-31
    pectoral passes D2 base, tip straight
  • lower body - white bars (solid & spotted)
    D2 & A: very long lobes, yellow
    D&A finlets yellow + black edge
    gill rakers 26-34
    pectoral reaches D2 (adult shorter), tip straight
  • D & A & finlets dusky
    gill rakers 19-25
    pectoral reaches under D2, tip straight
  • lower body - pale bars & spots
    D2 brown; A & finlets yellowish + dark edges
    tail base: central keel black
    gill rakers 34-43
    pectoral < head, ends well before D2