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  • body high, very compressed
    forehead steep, rounded
    D & A: high front lobes, no rear finlets
    LL: spiny scales - tail base only
    juvenile: front D & A = filaments, pelvics long
  • adult: oval
    C long, forked
    juv: spiny scutes on body
    D: 39-41, base - 34-36 spines
    juv: back & A - black bars
  • forehead profile straight, top angular
    D & A lobes v elongate
    juv: 4-5 faint interrupted bars
  • elongate
    D VI, 23-25
    A 21-22
    D lobe moderately long
  • elongate
    D V
    A 23-27
    D & A lobes short
  • body short, deep
    D VI, 18-20
    A 17-18
    D lobe moderatly long
    fins black
  • adult: diamond shape
    C short, blunt
    juv: body - no spiny scutes
    juv: body - black spots; A no bars
    D: 32-35, base - 29 spines