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  • head partly scaled
    D & A join C
    top jawbone - rear expanded
    roof mouth - no side teeth
    LL in = / > 2 series papillae
  • pectoral base short
    C well developed, broadly joins D&A
    palate toothed
    spine - opercle yes, preopercle no
    pelvic - 1 ray
    head no scales
  • head - papillae
    head scaled
    C joined to A & D
    opercular spine flat
    preopercular spine curves forward
  • skin thick, loose, covers eye
    no scales
    preopercle - no spine
    pectoral base - long bones
    A origin behind mid-body
  • snout: v blunt, square, overhanging = large eye
    head scaled
    D & C fully joined to C
    rear top jaw not expanded
    roof mouth - no teeth