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  • D1 IX, all visible; D2 8-9
    1st pelvic spine serrated
    A II, 7 or III, 6 (spine III weaker)
  • D1 VIII visible spines (IX imbedded)
    1st pelvic spine serrated
    A III, 9; all spines similar
  • body depth 21-31% SL
    D sections separate; IX (all visible) + I,9
    scales smooth
    preoperculum strongly toothed
    top jaw - canines
    all fin spines smooth
    A II,7
  • body depth 33-37% SL
    D1&2 almost separate
    fin spines smooth
    scales rough at front, smooth behind
    preoperculum smooth
    A III, 7
    LL 42-48