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  • body deep, very compressed
    upper & lower body profiles convex
    D origin before A origin
    adipose D present
    C forked, naked
    end of tail base: rhomboidal black blotch
    premaxilla teeth - 2 rows, inner row 5 teeth, none external
    maxilla teeth: 3 points, center point large, robust
    A < 42
    scales large, smooth
  • top jaw - central notch
    nape - ridge of 2 rows large scales
    belly - row scutes
    pelvics I,6
    scales rough
  • notch between top jaws
    D last ray filamentous
    belly - row scutes
    pelvic I,7
    A long base
  • top jaw: 3 toothed bones
    rear edge gill opening - 2 fleshy lobes
    full row belly scutes
    A short base, origin behind D
  • top jaw - no central notch
    D last ray = long filament
    rear of gill opening - 2 fleshy lobes
    pelvic I, 7
    full row belly scutes