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  • heavy
    snout cónical
    D1 origin over pectoral margin
    tail base 1 keel
    teeth triangular, serrated
  • D2 origin ~over A origin
    top lip folds v short
    no crests before A
  • snout short, flattened, pointed
    eye v small
    Ds ~ same size
    D1 origin well behind pectoral
    teeth long, curved
    3 rows large central teeth
  • C ~symmetric, base with keel
    very large mouth
    5 extremely long gill slits
  • slender
    snout long, conical
    D1 behind pectoral
    tail base 1 keel
    teeth long, curved, not serrated
  • stout
    snout conical
    D1 origin over pectoral base
    tail base 2 keels
    teeth smooth, small point each side
  • snout long, cónical
    eyes large
    D1 > D2
    origin D1 over pectoral edge
    fins short, angular
    teeth long, curved
    2 rows large central teeth