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  • head no pores
    D1 VII
    gill openings restricted
    pelvics separate, reach to/past A origin
    pelvic rays unbranched, +/- flattened ray tips
    scales: usually on body
  • D VII + I,9
    Body: 3 rows yellow spots
    body side: rough scales
    snout sloped, not blunt
    pelvics separate, long
    A I,8
    C base: 2 large rough scales
  • snout v short, steep forehead
    D VII + I, 10-11
    A I, 8-10
    pelvics completely separate, rays branched, short, no fleshy tips
    no scales
  • head: no pores, many papillae
    D1 VII
    pelvics separate, rays branched, tips straight
    scales: only rear ~1/2 body, large & rough on C base
  • dark above, pale below
    side head dark oblique stripe
    D1 8-9; A 6-7
    C: dark C bar
    D1&2: dark oblique bars
    pelvics completely separate, short
    no scales
  • head v depressed, no pores
    D1 VII
    light above & dark below
    pelvics form flat plate
    no scales
  • head compressed, no pores; eyes large, protrude above
    D1 VII (1st elongated)
    mouth opens at front, slightly oblique
    front roof mouth: no teeth
    pelvics form disc
    no scales
  • D2 I, 7; A I,7
    pelvics separate, rays unbranched, tips straight, reach past A base
    24 lateral scales, C to under D2
    belly scaled; C base scales v rough
  • D VII + I 10-11; A I, 10-11
    head pores present
    body scales: C base to pectoral base, large rough scales on C base
    pelvics separate, extend to/beyond anus
    pelvic rays 1-4 branched, tips maybe flattened, ray 5 unbranched
  • head round, no pores
    D1 VII
    pelvics extend 1/2 way to anus, completely separate, rays 1-4 branched, tips not fleshy
    no scales