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  • head & snout: short, broad
    D: origin before gill opening
    tail < 1/2 TL
    teeth short, very blunt
  • pore behind rear nostril over eye
    D & A = low crests on tail
    tail: ~1/2 TL, tip hard, pointed
  • body - 13-16 broad dark bands
    tail ~1/3 TL
    jaws long, lower protruding
  • nostrils: front tubular, rear = hole
    D origin ~over gill opening
    jaws long, arched, meet only at tips
    long fangs
  • nostrils: front = tube, rear = hole
    D origin before gill opening
    jaws close completely, not arched
    teeth all sharp
  • orange-red head, yellow tail tip
    D origin over/slightly behind anus
  • both nostrils tubular
    D origin before gill opening
    gill opening in black blotch
  • rear nostril = hole over front edge eye
    D & A: low crests on rear of tail
    tail: ~1/2 TL, point blunt