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  • no groove under snout
    D origin on head, low
    tail slightly < 1/2 TL
    nostrils: front = hole, rear in mouth
    teeth stout
    no pectorals
    gill openings under throat
  • very elongate
    no groove under overhanging snout
    D origin on head, before gill opening
    D & A reach near tail tip
    no C
    teeth between top jaws inconspicuous
    front nostril tubular, rear inside mouth
    gill openings vertical, wide apart below
    no pectorals
  • v elongate
    D origin on head
    tail <1/2 TL, tip fleshy, blunt
    groove under snout
    teeth protrude between top jaws
    no pectorals
    gill opening low
  • elongate (depth 3% TL)
    tail 60% TL, tip hard & finless
    eye over mid-mouth
    D origin well behind pectorals
    LL strongly arched on head
    mouth terminal
    teeth minute, conical, top jaw - 4 rows
    pectorals large, narrow base
  • elongate (depth 3.3% TL); tail 56% TL, tip blunt
    eyes near snout tip
    D origin well behind pectorals
    snout: short, depressed, club-shaped, overhanging
    mouth long
    jaw teeth: 2 rows, outer row = fangs; vomer 2 rows small teeth
    pectorals large, narrow base
  • elongate (depth ~3.3% TL); tail 54% TL, tip blunt
    eye near snout tip, protrudes above
    D origin well behind pectorals
    snout long, straight, overhanging, tip curved down
    mouth long
    teeth long, conical, 3 rows above, 2 rows below, vomer 1 row large
    pectorals large, narrow base
  • body depth 2.2% TL; tail 63% TL
    front nostril tubular; eye small
    snout conical, overhanging, not grooved
    D origin mid-body
    tail tip flexible; C visible, joins D&A
    rear nostril before eye, in top lip, with flap
    teeth small, conical, single rows
    pectoral minute, visible
  • very elongate; tail <1/3 TL
    tiny eye
    D very short: head & front body
    groove under snout
    front nostril tubular