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  • body deep
    wide & flat between eyes
    mouth not beyond mid-eye
    eye-side pelvic base >> blind-side base
    LL arched
  • notch before eye
    D: origin over/before eye, 62-84, front rays usual
    eye side: ocelli
    lower gill rakers 6-9
    pelvic: eye-side 2X blind side
    eye-side scales rough
    LL arched
  • elongate
    eyes together
    mouth v large
    eye-side pelvic base: longer & before blind side base
  • eyes with tentacles, close together, spiny crest between
    D 74-83
    mouth small
    4-7 short lower gill rakers
    pelvic bases ~equal
    LL arched
  • no notch before eye
    D origin well before eye, 58-65, front rays long
    lower gill rakers 6-9
    eye-side pelvic longer
    eye-side scales smooth
    LL arched
  • eyes separated by flat space or ridge
    mouth large
    1 row large canines both jaws
    lower gill rakers 7-18
    LL arched, 63-117
  • D front rays free, branched
    mouth large, asymmetrical lower jaw prominent
    both pelvics - long bases, origin under eye, eye side fin origin 1st, not connected to A
    LL - both sides, arched over pectoral
  • eyes: close together, smooth crest between
    D 89-104
    mouth to ~mid eye
    7-11 lower gill rakers
    pelvic bases ~equal