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  • elongate, soft, flexible
    top head: scaled onto snout
    origin D behind pectoral base
    tongue with teeth
    pectorals = long wings
    origin pelvic under/behind pectoral base
    A II-III, 14-25
  • eye large
    D1 X-XII (long)
    D2 & A 13-16
    tail base: 2 keels
    top jaw hidden by bone above
    teeth minute, none on roof mouth
  • elongate
    scales before eyes
    D origin behind pectoral base
    tongue: no teeth
    pelvic: origin before/under pectoral base; juveniles - very large
    I-II, 24-29
  • body deep, oval
    tongue no teeth
    D: 2 parts, origin before/over pectoral base
    top head: narrow band scales to between eyes