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  • body fusiform
    eye large, oval
    D1 VIII-IX, v low
    4-6 finlets after D & A
    tail base with 3 keels
    mouth opens at front
    pelvics well developed
    1 sinuous LL
  • v elongate
    D > 60 spines + rays
    1 LL
    anus midway between snout & C
  • body depth ~1/4 SL
    preopercle: 2 spines
    pelvics > pectorals
    2LL, lower branches off behind pectoral
    D & A no finlets
    D XV-XVI
    skin smooth, scales small, no tubercles, no belly keel
  • body depth ~1/4 SL
    pelvics < pectorals
    D & A no finlets
    2LL, originate together
    skin smooth, small scales, no tubercles
    preopercle no spines
    D XVI
    tail base no keels
  • body depth ~10% SL
    tip both jaws: conical skin knob
    D XIX-XXI + II
    1 LL
    pelvics I, 5, < pectorals
    D & A: 2 rear finlets
    skin smooth
  • fusiform
    D XIII-XV (low) + 15-18
    D & A 2 rear finlets
    tail base no keels
    pelvics well developed
    skin v rough; belly - keel of bony scales
    1 LL, obscure