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    C base with free spines
    teeth cónical
    bone under eye - no notch
    preoperculum smooth
    LL: ends under soft D
  • deep, oblong
    D XIII
    C base - no free spines
    front teeth = notched incisors
    preopercle & bone under eye: smooth
  • body deep oval, convex profiles
    snout short, blunt
    C base + spiny, projecting rays
  • body deep, thick
    top teeth flexible, form brush
    bone under front of eye deep, with notch
    preopercle smooth
  • elongate, oblong
    D XIII
    tips D, A & C filamentous
    teeth: 2 rows, outer row flattened tips
  • preopercle & bone under eye: serrated
    D XII
    teeth: 1 row close-set incisors