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  • D: XIV
    LL to under end of D
    bone under eye - no spines
    scales: same size, regularly arranged; <50
  • D: XIV
    LL: reaches end of D
    bone under eye - 2 spines
    lateral scales < 50
  • deep, oval, compressed
    D IX (low)
    D & A front rays elongated
    mouth small, opens at front
    teeth: brushlike bands
  • snout short
    D front spines not elongate
    rear edges D & A blunt, angular
  • strongly compressed disc
    top head profile convex
    D V-V!, front spines v short
    juvs: v elongate pelvics, D&A
    mouth small, terminal
    teeth slender, tips 3 points
    pectoral v short
    pelvics + front rays D&A: elongate
  • D IX-X
    LL complete
    bone under eye - no spines
    scales: varying sizes; irregularly arranged; > 70 laterals
  • body quadrangular, v compressed
    head profile steep
    D: 1st spine points forwards, deep notch after spines
    mouth small, horizontal, not projectable
    A IV