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  • elongate
    D1 VII
    D & A: no finlets behind
    tail base: no/slight keel
    mouth reaches under eye
    adult: 11-16 gill rakers
    pectoral < head
    LL: no scutes
  • D1 VIII
    D & A: no finlets behind
    D2 higher than D1
    jaw teeth: top - canines + inner band; lower - 1 row
    pectoral > head
    rear LL - scutes
  • elongate, very compressed
    D1 IV free spines
    D & A: 11-15 semi-separated finlets behind
    LL: no scutes
    scales like needles
  • elongate
    D VII-VIII + I, 23-28
    A II-III, 23-27
    teeth: compressed, triangular, 1 row, fixed together
    membrane flap over bone below preoperculum
    soft D & A: scale covered