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  • elongate
    D X (none elongated, no filaments), 10-14
    gill rakers 13-31
    pectoral 13-18
    LL 39-63
  • top head profile convex
    front nostrils tubular
    D VIII-IX, 13-15, shallow notch
    C slightly concave
    rear top jaw: small hook
    opercular spine short
  • snout v short
    forehead concave
    D X, 13-14; no notch
    anus nearer pelvics base than A
  • oblong
    D X, 10-12, spines with filaments
    pectoral 16-20
    C - 3 lobes
    top jawbone - rear no scales
    teeth fixed
    gill rakers 17-29
    LL 46-49
  • D: VIII, II = long white blade, 9
    no LL
  • cigar-shape
    X, 10, deep notch
    bone under eye - large flange covering top jaw bone
    operculum - 3 spines, central curves up
    teeth fixed, minute
  • slender
    rear top jaw exposed
    D X, 11-12, ~no notch
    no teeth
    operculum - center spine straight
    LL 48-56
  • elongate
    D X (membranes indented), 10-11
    teeth fixed
    roof mouth: front & sides with teeth
    gill rakers 9-13
    LL 40-46