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  • body oblong, deepest at D origin
    D IX-XI, 12-19
    C usually rounded
    teeth depressible
    pelvics insert behind pectoral base
    A 7-9
  • D IX, 13-16, deep notches between spines
    C rounded
    teeth movable
    A 8-9
  • body relatively deep, oval, deepest at D origin
    D X-XI, 13-15
    teeth depressible
    pelvics insert under/before pectoral base
    A 9
  • body elongate
    D X-XI, 15-18
    teeth depressible
    A 10-13
    LL 67-96
  • elongate, compressed
    D X, 13-14, some front spines elongate
    rear top jawbone - no scales
    teeth fixed
    gill rakers 21
    pectoral 13-18
    LL 55-63