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  • elongate
    eye large
    D X (with filaments), 12-15
    top jaw to between eyes - no scales
    gill rakers 31-39
    LL 47-71, 34-50 around tail base
  • front nostril + flap
    D X, 13-16
    roof mouth: front tooth patch- not elongated at rear
    gill rakers 37-48
    head all scaled
    LL 31-48
  • top jaw scaled
    LL interrupted below soft D, 46-57
    scales around tail base 25-28
    no accessory scales
    scales rough, teeth on edges only
  • oblong
    D X, 13-16
    C forked
    roof mouth - central tooth patch elongate at rear
    tongue - oval tooth patch
    pectoral 16-18
    head all scaled
    LL 35-41
  • D IX, 10, no notch
    head & jaws scaled
    lower front teeth enlarged, exposed, fit into top-jaw notch
    bone under eye partly covers top jaw bone
    operculum 2 spines