Shorefishes of the Greater Caribbean online information system

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  • head: wide, flat, spiny
    eyes on top
    head: 1st D spine = fish pole
    v wide mouth
    teeth long, sharp
  • head not spiny; eyes on side of head
    body globular, compressed
    head: 1st D spine = fish pole
    large mouth, small teeth
    leg-like pelvic before leg-like pectoral
  • body globular, + conspicuous sensory canals
    DI = single spine before eye
    mouth large, oblique, opens above
    gill opening small, above pectoral base
  • body a disc; head flat, triangular
    armour of cones & prickles
    lure between pointed snout & small mouth
    gill opening above pectoral
    pectorals leg-like