Shorefishes of the Greater Caribbean online information system

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  • big flat head
    snout short, blunt
    body: stout, dark bars
    tail base: large keel
    teeth: serrated cockscombs
  • snout short, flattened, pointed
    eye v small
    Ds ~ same size
    D1 origin well behind pectoral
    teeth long, curved
    3 rows large central teeth
  • eye oval, behind mouth
    2 large Ds
    C notched above, v weak lower lobe
    2 barbels under snout
    mouth small, transverse, opens near front
    5 short gill slits
  • snout cónical, bulbous
    eye small
    heavy body, broad fins
    A ~ size of Ds
    C asymmetric, strong lower lobe
    teeth slender, curved
    5 gill slits
  • snout very short, wide
    white spots
    C semilunar, base with keel
    short, v wide mouth opens at front